Handwritten Lyrics For Tupac’s “Dear Mama” Up For Sale

By Staff  |  03/20/2017

Tupac Shakur

One of Tupac's most memorable hits is the 1995 ode to his mother, "Dear Mama". And, if you want a piece of the song's history, it's up for sale.

According to TMZ, MomentsInTime.com is auctioning off three sheets of notebook paper Pac used to write the lyrics to the hit song.

The handwritten lyrics are for sale for $75,000. They came from the studio where Tupac recorded the track, and the auction company acquired them from a private collector in Poland.

The lyrics are as remembered on "Dear Mama", but Tupac added a few notes on the side. He writes "Yo-Yo" and "Ice Cube", which may be artists he was thinking of featuring?

Check out a scan of the handwritten lyrics here.