Anti-Trump billboard by Karen Fiorito

An anti-Donald Trump billboard has been erected in Phoenix, AZ, and is stirring up a lot of controversy.

Artist Karen Fiorito created the billboard, which features a photo of Trump at the center, while mushrooms clouds sit behind him and dollar signs — that bear resemblance to Nazi swastikas — are at each side.

“I got the opportunity to have a platform to say something, and I took that opportunity, and I take full responsibility for it,” Fiorito said, according to FOX 10 Phoenix.

She told the AP that her anti-Trump piece has a two messages. She said it “represents global destruction, warfare and annihilation of the planet.” The dollar swastikas, however, represent “corporate power and greed and how our society has become all about money and corporatism.”

Since the billboard went up, Fiorito told CBS Los Angeles that she’s received a ton of feedback, bad and good.. and even some death threats.

“Tons and tons of positive feedback,” she said. “People either love it or they hate it. A lot of people have defended me online and offered to give me money to keep it up.”

“There have been a couple of people who have said they will come and get me, or that I should be sleeping with a gun underneath my pillow,” Fiorito added. “They are very determined to get under my skin.”