WTF? El Chapo Worried About His Celebrity Status, Not His Case

By Staff  |  03/13/2017

El Chapo

Notorious drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, aka "El Chapo", is facing some major prison time and remains behind bars awaiting trial in New York City.

Though you'd expect him to be worried about his freedom, TMZ sources say he's more concerned with his celebrity status.

Apparently, when El Chapo meets with his lawyers inside Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center, he's constantly asking them how he portrayed in the media. "He regularly asks his lawyers, 'What are they saying about me?' He's very concerned about his image," the source told TMZ.

It's unclear why he's so worried about his image. After all, he's a major drug trafficker, who is facing life in prison.

He was extradited to the U.S. in January, a year after he was re-captured by Mexican authorities. Before that, he was on the run for over six months, after escaping a Mexican prison for the second time.