NFL Player William Hayes Says Dinosaurs & Moon Landing Are Fake

William Hayes
Instagram / William Hayes

Conspiracy theories and becoming more and more popular these days. NBA star Kyrie Irving recently revealed his belief in the Earth being flat. Now, an NFL player has come forward with some other outlandish theories.

Newly-acquired Miami Dolphins defensive end William Hayes recently spoke with local reporters on a conference call, where he discussed his NFL career, but also dedicated some time to talk about some of his wild theories.

If you’re familiar with Hayes, he has previously stated that he believes in mermaids. This past week, he revealed that he thinks both dinosaurs and the Moon landing are fake.

“I go to the dinosaur museums and they tell me, ‘Oh, you see the fossils.’ Then, you might see one bone that’s the actual fossil they dug up and everything else is just pieces they put together around the fossil and created this T-rex,” Hayes said.

“I went to the dinosaur museum and they told me most of the fossils on one dinosaur, everything was completely fake. It was just made up fossils and just a piece of a leg. But they create this big, massive creature. It just don’t make sense to me.”

As for the Moon landing, Hayes added: “I don’t think men ever went to the moon. … I got plenty of theories. We can go all day.”