Nicki Minaj Issues Challenge to Remy Ma: “U Got 72 Hours to Drop a Hit”

Nicki Minaj
via Eva Rinaldi / CC-BY-2.0

A day after responding to Remy Ma with “No Frauds”, Nicki explained her methods in a lengthy Instagram caption… while issuing a challenge.

According to Nicki, she doesn’t work on “peasant time” (regarding the time she took to reply to Remy’s “shETHER”) and when she does diss someone, she does it on a hit record.

“Diss records can’t be lies,” she wrote. “Great diss records are FACTS. But here @ Young Money, we don’t do diss records, we drop HIT RECORDS & diss u ON them [sic].”

From there, Nicki issued a challenge to Remy Ma: “Now I got a countdown of my own for Sheneneh. U got 72 hours to drop a hit and I’ll give u half a million dollars if u can book ANY show or interview w/o mentioning the Queen name [sic].”

“No Frauds” was one of the three new songs Nicki released on Thursday night, where she responds to Remy Ma’s diss tracks, “shETHER” and “Another One”.

She doesn’t Remy by name, but makes clear references to her, while adding a slight jab on “Changed It” — saying, “This hoe getting slick so I put on my gym shoes, extended my run.”

Remy has yet to really react, but did post on IG earlier in the day, asking the question: “Are you dumb?”