NatGeo Explores the History of Grillz

By Staff  |  03/09/2017

Rappers like Paul Wall and Slim Thug made gold and diamond-encrusted grills popular nearly 10 years ago, but the trend's history dates back even farther than you'll believe.

National Geography recently dug into the history of grillz, in this short documentary, titled The Secret History of Grillz.

Explorers found something interesting while diving in an underwater cave off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: skulls of ancient Mayans, who ruled over their civilization 4,000 years ago. Even more interesting is that the skulls had GRILLZ!!

According to NatGeo, ancient rulers had gold teeth for the same reasons rappers have them today: status, a show of wealth, and as a fashion statement. They take a look at the evolution of jeweled teeth, from ancient caves to modern- day rappers.