Soulja Boy Disses Chris Brown On Stage: He’s “a Little Bitch”

By Staff  |  03/07/2017

Soulja Boy is not letting up on Chris Brown. Although he clowned him after the singer confirmed that he had bowed out of their celebrity boxing match, the rapper continues to diss him. Most recently, on stage.

During a concert in Minneapolis over the weekend, TMZ cameras caught Soulja making fun of Brown again for backing out of their fight.

"I waited a whole month and Chris Brown backed out of the fight like a little bitch, mang," he said to cheers from the crowd. "What? He scared of little ole' Soulja Boy? He scared to get in the boxing ring with little ole' me? I'm gone knock Chris Brown's bitch ass out... what, what!!"

Brown ultimately said that too many people had their hands in the pot, so he decided to bow out of the fight.

Watch his Soulja's diss in the video above.