Cypress Hill’s B-Real Loves Instagram, Especially NatGeo & NASA

Instagram / B-Real

Cypress Hill frontman B-Real is 46, but he remains a busy man, especially on Instagram.

Apparently, the rap legend loves accounts like National Geographic and NASA, as a lot of fans have noticed over the last year… because he is always leaving commenting on their photos and videos.

In a recent interview with NYMAG, B-Real explained why.

“NatGeo always has great photographs and photographers. There’s always something interesting to look at,” he explained. “In the beginning, it was just regular likes and maybe a comment with one emoji, but eventually I started trying to match the emoji to the post. So if it was a panda picture, I’ll put that emoji and so on. I try to make it fun and creative, get people talking and engaging. If a post is fire, we’ll put a flame.”

Apparently, B-Real spends a lot of time on Instagram and is active on both his personal account and the Cypress Hill band account. So, if you talk them him, he replies.

“It’s time consuming for sure, but I almost have it worked out on an alarm clock now,” he explained. “It’s like every few hours that clock goes off in my head and I’m back on Instagram. I like to keep the momentum going and posting helps to remember a great time.”

You can follow B-Real on Instagram @Breal and Cypress Hill @CypressHill.