Peri Audio Drops First iPhone Battery/Speaker Case

Peri Audio Duo iPhone Case

Peri Audio has recently rolled out a brand new case for the iPhone 6 called the Duo, which doubles as an external battery and speaker.

In the works for the past two years, the Duo is touted as the world’s first iPhone case that features a hi-fi speaker system and 2900mAh battery, allowing users to have both in one convenient case.

It features proprietary technologies, such as include a high-excursion speaker and acoustically-tuned passive radiator that pushes amazing sound within a small package. Specifically, it churns out a peak output of 4 watts and 100 decibels.

The Duo also connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and because of its on-board Wi-Fi audio router, it can be used in conjunction with 64 other Duo cases for a “multi-room system”, like Sonos… but portable.

The Duo is available now online in black, white, red and a special edition Rhymesayers design for the iPhone, whom is an early investor, for $190 USD. A version for the iPhone 7, called the Duo Slim, is due out in the coming months.