Deadmau5 Drops Free Project, “Stuff I Used To Do”

By Staff  |  02/24/2017

Deadmau5 - Stuff I Used To Do

EDM star deadmau5 has teamed up with WeTransfer for the release of a free project, called stuff i used to do.

Consisting of 16 previously unreleased tracks, the project boasts songs with titles like "50 something cats", "Obsidian", "Superlover" and "Creep", among others. It also celebrates deadmau5's status as an "independent artist at liberty to offer fans free music".

Download the first 13 tracks here, via WeTransfer. On March 3, stuff i used to do releases on digital retailers with three more exclusive tracks.

"Messages from nowhere"
"Screen door"
"50 something cats"
"Charlie can't dance"
"My opinion"
"Long walk off a short pier"
"Creep (Alt. version)"