A Look Inside Nike’s $720 Auto-Lacing Sneaker

By Staff  |  02/16/2017

Nike officially debuted its first self-lacing sneaker in December, dubbed the HyperAdapt 1.0, drawing inspiration from the Back To The Future shoe, the Nike MAG.

Carrying a $720 pricetag, the shoe auto-fits to your foot, while also allowing you to loosen or tighten the laces via buttons, but how does it all work? While it's obvious there's some sophisticated electronics inside, we've yet to really see these components ... until now.

MindTribe recently dissected the pricey sneaker to offer a look inside which it calls "surprisingly heavy-duty hardware." There's a motor compartment that works with Nike's Flywire to tighten the fit. We also see intricate details, such as a computer board and other electronics.

In the end, MindTribe concluded that while the HyperAdapt has its flaws, it is impressive for a first generation product. See the full review here, and see some of the imagery above.