Tom Brady Takes Shot at NFL Commish in New Commercial

Tom Brady disses NFL Commish in New Commercial

Hope for the New England Patriots seemed all but lost when they entered the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI trailing by a large deficit. Obviously, they staged a historic comeback to win. But, did quarterback Tom Brady already visual the win in his head? Because, in a Super Bowl ad spot for Shields MRI, he was already showing off his fifth championship ring.

In the commercial, he’s asked to remove his jewelry before an MRI, and that included his four Super Bowl rings. However, he forgot one that was still in his pocket. “I forgot this one. It’s kind of new,” Brady says with a smile.

He even goes on to take a little jab at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, when the nurse says he needs a bigger locker to store away his jewelry. “Roger that,” Brady responds.

The commercial that aired during Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5) was an updated version of an ad Shields has been running since October, shortly after Brady returned from his four-game Deflategate suspension.

Despite the suspension, the Patriots went on to become Super Bowl champs once again.