Golden State Warriors

Following the signing of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors have become the team to beat in the NBA… and to see them, it’ll come at a price.

According to ESPN, the Warriors are raising ticket prices again, increasing season ticket costs 15-25 percent next season.

Pricing for the cheapest season-ticket seats will increase from $32 to $40 a game, while the best courtside seats will rise from $625 to $715 (or $30,745 for the season), not counting the playoffs.

Warriors senior VP of business development says the increases were made, due to around 6,000 tickets per game being resold for 70 percent above face value.

Overall, season tickets for the Warriors will be 16.9 percent for the 2017-18 season.

Despite the news, there’s a bright spot for fans. Playoff ticket prices for the first three rounds are frozen, and will sell for less.

“One of the pain points with our fans was our prices for the postseason,” Schneider said. “So we decided to freeze those and, if we make it, prices to the NBA Finals will actually decline 15 percent.”

The Warriors have sold out 214 consecutive home games dating back to Dec. 18, 2012.