T.I. made his way to The Breakfast Club this week and discussed a number of topics, from politics to hip-hop.

From the jump, the Atlanta rapper was asked about why he called out Lil Wayne last year after Weezy denounced the Black Lives Matter movement.

“That was the most difficult thing that I had to do, in me in my journey of taking my stand and what not,” T.I.P. said. “That’s somebody that I really consider a real — I really do consider him still a partner of mine. I don’t think that my correction is saying, ‘It’s time to throw you away now’. It’s like, ‘Ay man, what the f*ck going on? What are you doing?’ The reason that it was public, it wasn’t moreso addressed to him than it is the people who follow him.. I just want to make sure that [the fans] know, as a community, that we not… we can’t go for that.”

Elsewhere, T.I. offers his thoughts on Donald Trump, first saying the new President needs to address the controversial comments he made during his campaign, before anyone in the hip-hop community can move forward.

“What must be addressed, first and foremost, is the disrespectful, hurtful comments that were made on the campaign, because if we gone come to the table and try to make an attempt to move forward, we must have a mutual respect for one another,” T.I. stated. “I can’t on the same side as you, if we don’t have this mutual respect for one another.”

He went on to comment on how things are playing out since Trump took over as Prersident. “It’s disheartening. I tried to be optimistic about it, but the whole Muslim travel ban, that was like, ‘Safe to say, I was right.’ ”

Also in the interview, T.I. talks about his new album “US or Else,” his reality show The Family Hustle, and a recent on-stage incident where a man grabbed his butt.