Designer Warren Lotas Unveils Bootleg H&M T-Shirts

Warren Lotas Unveils Bootleg H&M T-Shirts

DIY designer Warren Lotas is giving away a limited run of bootleg H&M tees, as a statement piece firing back at fashion powerhouses who take inspiration from smaller brands without credit.

He took to Instagram to unveil the tee designs, which will be limited to just 60 minutes, and explained why he’s doing it. “They think they can bootleg small designers, so I figured Iโ€™d return the favor,” Lotas wrote.

The screen-printed T-shirt features Lotas’ signature skull motif, which is placed alongside H&M’s familiar logo in red. Underneath the branding is an illustration of a skull soldier blowing off another man’s head.

The Warren Lotas Bootle H&M tees will be given away outside the H&M store at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles at 6:00 P.M. PST (9 P.M. EST).