Wow! Johnny Depp’s $2M-A-Month Lifestyle Has Him Nearly Broke

Johnny Depp
Caroline Bonarde Ucci / CC-BY-3.0

Woah! Is Johnny Depp on the brink of financial ruin?

If you Google the legendary actor’s net worth, it’s set at somewhere around $400 million. While this number is likely inaccurate, its probably somewhere in the ball park… which would mean, he’s blown through some MAJOR BREAD!!

According to a new lawsuit against Depp, filed by his ex-managers, the actor has blown almost all of his money on a series of insane purchases.

According to court filings (via Variety), he spends around $2 million a month on his lavish lifestyle. And, some of those expenditures include:

— $30,000 a month on wine
— $200,000 a month on private planes
— $4 million on a failed record label
— $18 million on a yacht
— $150,000 a month on 24/7 security for him and his family
— $300,000 a month on his own 40-person staff
— $75 million on various properties
— Millions on 45 luxury vehicles
— 12 storage facilities filled with Hollywood memorabilia
— $4 million for Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes

The lawsuits follows a suit that Depp filed on last month, claiming The Management Group (TMG) is responsible for him losing tens of millions of dollars by mismanaging his money and also taking out loans without his consent.

However, TMG claims Depp still owes them more than $4 million in past due fees, so they filed a “non-judicial foreclosure” on his home cover that bill. They also claim that Depp was made aware of his financials woes on various occasions, but he refused to listen.

“Depp often responded by rebuking and cursing his business managers for issuing such warnings and advice while increasing his extravagant lifestyle and spending, and demanding that his business managers find some way to pay for it all.”