Taxstone’s DNA Found on Gun in Troy Ave Shooting, Denied Bail

Instagram / Taxstone

Further details in hip-hop personality Taxstone’s recent arrest have surfaced.

If you’re unaware, the podcast host (born Daryl Campbell) was arrested earlier this week in connection with the Troy Ave-related shooting at T.I.’s Irving Plaza concert last year.

Details were sketchy at first, but apparently, a criminal complaint against Taxstone indicates that his DNA was found on the weapon (a 9mm handgun) used in the shooting, resulting in Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald McPhatter being fatally shot in the chest, reports the New York Times. Furthermore, quotes from Tax’s podcast sometime before the shooting were used in the complaint, in which he¬†threatened to shoot Troy.

Taxstone is seen in videos entering the green room before shots rang out, and then, him fleeing.¬†Shortly after, Troy Ave — who is wounded in the leg — comes out of green room with the same gun and fires it toward a fleeing Taxstone.

The report says the gun also had Troy’s DNA on it, and was later found by police in a van that transported the rapper to the hospital.

Two bystanders were also wounded in the shooting.

A $500,000 bond was initially set for Taxstone, but it has since been denied, after a witness came forward. Prosecutors argued that he “posed a danger to the community and said witness testimony would ‘directly show’ he fired, at a minimum, the shot that killed” McPhatter.

Troy Ave has pleaded not guuilty to attempted second-degree murder and others charges, and remains free on $500,000 bail.

Stay tuned for further info on the story…

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