Yung Berg has had his fair share of controversy in the past, but in recent years, he’s taken a step back as an artist and embraced his Hitmaka persona.

While Berg’s name isn’t exactly in the spotlight currently, he’s been busy… working hard behind the scenes as a producer and amassing quite an impressive list of hits under his belt in the process.

Berg (now known as Hitmaka) visited The Breakfast Club this week and discussed his work as a producer, why he’s decided to retire from being a solo artist, and of course, some of his past controversy.

“I ain’t Berg no more, I’m Hitmaka. It’s over with,” he explained. “Nah, I’m not rapping no more. I’ve just evolved. I’m transitioning to a whole different lane.”

“It was really just about evolving,” Hitmaka continued. “I kinda put it like Charles Barkley. You know how they retired and get into TV. This is my career. Music is my career. I wrote and produced all of my own records when I was Yung Berg the artist. It was only right.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Berg offered a brief history of his career, from signing with DMX at 14 years old to moving to L.A. and breaking out as a solo artist.

He also discussed his issues with Bow Wow and Ray J, and why they are still not cool to this day.