Fruit Town Piru Gang Members in Compton Talk Soulja Boy & Chris Brown

By Staff  |  01/11/2017

Chris Brown has been claiming a Compton Blood set called Fruit Town Piru for a number of years now, and most recently, Soulja Boy -- in their publicized beef -- has begun claiming the same neighborhood.

Soulja popped up in Fruit Town Piru's Compton neighborhood earlier this month, and posted videos of himself walking around freely, claiming the set and dissing Chris Brown in the process. But why? How? Especially since Brown is originally from Virginia and Soulja Boy is from Mississippi and Atlanta, though both now reside in Los Angeles.

Youtube channel StreetGangs visited the Fruit Town Piru neighborhood recently and spoke to members of the set about both Brown and Soulja Boy's status in the gang and how they feel about their beef.

Essentially, they claim both rappers lined the pockets of "the right OGs", but made it clear neither artist is from the hood and never come there.