Amanda Nunes Owns Ronda Rousey On Social Media

Amanda Nunes

Shortly after UFC women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes completely destroyed Ronda Rousey in her anticipated return to the Octagon, she threw one last shot after the fight.

After lifting her hands in victory, she (or her team) took one final jab at the former champ by posting a photo of Nunes owning Ronda, both on Twitter and Instagram.

In her post-fight interview, Nunes declared this her moment in the spotlight, while telling viewers that Rousey’s reign is over.

“This is my moment. She had her time, she done her actress parts… Thank you Ronda Rousey, but right now I am the champion. I prepared my mind, body and spirit,” she said.

“She’s going to go do movies. Forget about her,” added Nunes. “She has a lot of money already. We have vision and a lot of talent. Forget about Ronda Rousey. I’m the real champion.”

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