President Obama Named Most Admired Man of 2016

Barack Obama

For the ninth straight year, President Barack Obama has been named the “Most Admired Man in America”, according to this year’s Gallup poll.

In the poll, which was published on Wednesday (Dec. 28), Americans named Obama the man they admired the most in 2016, over any other living man.

Conducted between Dec. 7 and Dec. 11, the annual poll was open-ended, while there was a variety in answers, more Americans mentioned Obama than anyone else. He earned the honor with 22 percent of Americans mentioning him, while President-Elect Donald Trump got 15 percent to put him in second place.

After Obama and Trump, it was Pope Francis with 4 percent and Bernie Sanders with 2 percent. Everyone else took less than 1 percent of the vote, with the top 10 including Rev. Billy Graham, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, The Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

The annual poll has been conducted since 1946, and incumbent presidents are typically the winner — 58 of the 70 times Gallup asked the question, the president won.

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