Skip Bayless Caught Praising Himself With Fake Account?

Skip Bayless
via Jeff Kern / CC-BY-2.0

This is too funny… if it’s true.

Apparently, Skip Bayless did a Facebook Live stream prior to the Buccaneers/Cowboys game on Sunday night (Dec. 18), and was caught praising himself.

During the stream, the veteran sports analyst discusses why the Dallas Cowboys are such a great team… and viewers commented with their own thoughts. However, one guy called Skip “the man”… but wait, what!? It was Skip, himself, making the comment about himself, as himself. Check out the screenshot below.

Apparently, many believed the screenshot was faked by football analyst Ollie Connolly, but he maintains that it’s 100% real. Either way, Skip needs to remember to switch accounts before commenting on his own social media posts… if that’s what he was doing.


Watch Complex’s breakdown below for a little backstory.

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