Shia LaBeouf Not Worried About Soulja Boy, Calls Him “a Sweetheart”

Shia LaBeouf 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

After Shia LaBeouf threw a few shots Soulja Boy’s way in a pair of freestyles, the rapper declared that the actor could not come to the hood in Atlanta.

Despite the threats, LaBeouf doesn’t seem to be sweating Soulja Boy’s words.

While out-n-about in Los Angeles recently, a TMZ cameraman asked Shia to comment on Soulja Boy, to which he replied, “I think he’s awesome.”

When asked about his recent threats, the actor didn’t seem to take them too seriously. “Aww, he’s a sweetheart bro. He don’t mean it,” said Shia.

In addition to banning him from Atlanta, Soulja Boy offered a truce… if Shia could get him in the next Transformers movie. To that, Shia has this to say: “I think he can do it on his own, probably. He’s a pretty enigmatic character.”

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