21 Savage Expresses Desire For Kylie Jenner

By Staff  |  11/29/2016

Kylie Jenner is taken, as we all know, as she's been dating Tyga since even before she turned 18.

Rising rap star 21 Savage doesn't care though, recently expressing his desire for the young reality TV star, while throwing some disrespect toward Tyga.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with him in Los Angeles recently and asked him about his thoughts on Kylie. His response: "I'd tear that ass up."

When asked how Tyga would feel about his comments, 21 Savage didn't respond. Instead, he let one of his friends comment, who flipped off the camera and said, "[He won't do] sh*t".

Woah! The disrespect. We wonder how Tyga feels about that...