Q&A: YesJulz Talks Love For PUMA & Their Partnership

By Eddy Vega  |  11/28/2016


If you haven’t heard of YesJulz or seen the hashtag "#NeverNotWorking" floating around, you're missing out on quite an adventure.

Julieanna Goddard, also known as YesJulz, is a young entrepreneur who runs her own agency, is a brand influencer and an event organizer. It’s fair to say she’s on fire these days. Known for her heavy brand promotion on Snapchat, Julz is always showcasing her favorite products, PUMA being one of them. Her love for the shoe brand has evolved, and they're working on an upcoming project today!

We caught up with Julz at the PUMA booth at ComplexCon recently, where we talked about their partnership and their upcoming projects together.

You strongly promote PUMA online, what do you love about the brand?

I love that they’re also focusing on women. They’re giving women a platform and a chance to create as well -- they’ve done collaborations with everybody from Vashtie to myself, Kylie [Jenner], and Riri. Not a lot of sportswear brands are out here doing that. So, that’s why I really f*ck with PUMA. They said they don’t want to slightly alter menswear just for women to wear it, we want to create a line for women by women, from the bottom up. That’s something special in the athleisure space and it’s something that I’m happy and proud to be a part of.

Are you and PUMA working on anything together?

We are. We have a collection coming out in 2017. Bit of a cozy girl vibes, clothes you can wear to a rager and then also a dinner meeting. Just made for girls who are on the go and like to be cozy and still cute. It’s going to be shoes and a whole line.


Karen Capalaran / BallerStatus.com

Can you talk about the sneakers you’re collaborating on?

I can’t really talk about that, can’t drop that one just yet. I’ll tell you this, I designed a Clyde and then I was like, "I’m sorry, scrap everything I designed, I want to make something else." That was 'cause I felt like I had to step it up after seeing the great stuff they’re constantly putting out. I see that PUMA is about taking chances and implementing new technology, they have their classic silhouettes and now they’re branching out. So, I wanted to scrap what I was doing and branch out too and continue to push the boundaries.

PUMA is known for being the sportswear brand. Did you keep incorporate that into your collection?

What I can tell you is that it’s cargo inspired. A military esque vibe to it and I think that the girls are going to love it. I’m going to make something for the guys too, want some unisex style in there. PUMA teams up with different collaborators and it’s great. They give us the freedom to create and let us work on not only the designs, but the marketing. That’s the type of collaborator I am. I’m done just stamping my name on sh*t, I want my blood, sweat and tears into everything I do at this point.