Donald Trump Claims He Won the Popular Vote

By Staff  |  11/28/2016

Donald Trump

It appears President-elect Donald Trump has not handed over his Twitter account yet... and continues to make controversial statements through the platform.

He took to social media on Sunday (Nov. 27) with claims that he would've actually won the popular vote in the recent Presidential Election, if it hadn't been for the millions who voted illegally.

"In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally," he tweeted.

Trump went on to explain that he could have taken the popular vote if he wanted to. "It would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the Electoral College in that I would only campaign in three or four states instead of the 15 states that I visited," he said in a two-part tweet. "I would have won even more easily and convincingly (but smaller states are forgotten)!"

Hours later, Trump returned to Twitter, alleging that there was "serious voter fraud" in Virginia, New Hampshire and California.

According to reports, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 630,000 votes. But under Trump's claims, which according to Complex stem from anti-vote fraud app VoteStand founder Gregg Phillips -- who tweeted on Nov. 13 that more than three million votes were cast by non-U.S. citizens -- if all three million of the ballots cast by illegal voters were deducted, Trump would have won both the popular vote and the Electoral College.