Kehlani Announces Debut Album, “SweetSexySavage”

By Staff  |  11/27/2016


Kehlani has officially announced her highly anticipated debut album.

The Bay Area singer took to Twitter on Saturday (Nov. 26) to disclose what she's been simply calling SSS.

"SWEETSEXYSAVAGE ... is the name of my debut album," Kehlani tweeted.

When a fan critiqued the title, she responded, "Way too intellectual to be sweet? Or too intellectual to be sexy? Or too intellectual to be savage... Arent we all of the above as women?"

SWEETSEXYSAVAGE will serve as Kehlani's official debut project and first since 2015's Grammy-nominated mixtape, You Should Be Here. So far, the album has spawned the singles "CRZY" and "Distraction."

SWEETSEXYSAVAGE is due out in early 2017.