“Walking Dead” Ratings Fall to Lowest Since Season 3

By Staff  |  11/24/2016

The Walking Dead

After its season premiere in October drew in massive numbers, The Walking Dead's viewership has noticeably declined.

According to ComicBook.com, the ratings for AMC's series has dropped to their lowest point since season 3.

The most recent episode, Sunday's "Go Getters," garnered just under 11 million viewers. While this number is still huge, it's a steep decline from the 17 million+ viewers that tuned in for the season 7 premiere -- actually the largest drop in the series' history.

The last time The Walking Dead was doing numbers below 11 million, the group's main enemy was the Governor.

Since the Season 7 premiere, episodes have seen a steady decline in viewership each week. Whether or not this spells doom for the show remains to be seen.

The good news is: ahead of the premiere, AMC renewed The Walking Dead for Season 8.