Las Vegas’s NHL Expansion Team is the “Golden Knights”

Las Vegas Golden Knights

After being awarded an NHL franchise earlier this year, Las Vegas has revealed the name of its first major professional sports team: the Golden Knights.

Set to begin play in the 2017-18 season, the Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley made the announcement in a televised ceremony on Tuesday (Nov. 22), in front of the recently constructed T-Mobile Arena.

“My whole idea was to create a logo and a name that was powerful that would epitomize the warrior class,” Foley told ESPN. “The Knights are the epitome of the warrior class, the top of the line in terms of defending the realm, defending the unprotected. This is all part of the culture we want to create with the hockey team.”

So far, reports say the team has sold more than 14,000 season tickets and most of the luxury seats inside the arena, which boasts 17,500 seats.

The Vegas Golden Knights will be the 31st team in the league, the 15th team in the Western Conference and the eighth team in the Pacific Division. The team will acquire their first players on June 21, when their selections from the expansion draft are announced.

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