Budweiser Kicks Off Holidays With Redesigned Packaging

Budweiser Holiday 2016 bottles

To celebrate the 140th holiday season of Budweiser, the brand has launched newly designed, limited-edition holiday packaging.

Debuting this month, the seasonally packaging is designed to creatively reflect Budweiser’s traditional festive holiday spirit. Bottles sport an all-red, tonal look, inspired by the brand’s longstanding history of decorating its 12 US breweries for the holidays. Seasonal aluminum bottles highlight the brand’s strongest equities, specifically the colors of red and white – which fit right in with the holiday season.

“At Budweiser, we have a long-standing tradition of decorating our local breweries across this country during the holidays,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president from Budweiser. “This season, we want to extend the holiday cheer with our limited-edition bottles and toast to a bright new year!”

The limited-edition festive bottle will be available through the holiday season.

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