Immortal Technique Opens Up About Relationship With Lin-Manuel Miranda

By Staff  |  11/19/2016

Immortal Technique

After Broadway actor Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that Immortal Technique bullied him in high school, the rapper has responded.

During a recent podcast, Miranda said that Immortal Tech was an angry kid who bullied not only him, but others too, going as far as throwing him in a trash can.

This week, the rapper shared his side of the story with Complex, saying that he and Miranda are now friends, while claiming the media twisted the actor's words. "It was a story about personal growth and redemption, and people twisted it into us being long-time adversaries," Immortal Tech said. "We have always been very proud of each others' success, and we even joked about these articles with each other on Twitter over the weekend."

"I'm appreciative to say that we are friends, we are both staunch supporters of immigrant rights, and we will continue the fight against bigotry in our respective ways," he added.

Immortal Tech says he was troubled as a youth and is not proud of his actions, which were worse than simply bullying other kids. "I want to be very clear with my supporters, I wasn’t just a bully as a kid, I was a criminal. I lived a very violent life," he explained. "I did way worse things that I don’t choose to glorify—things worse than harassing kids and put them in trash cans." He also understands that despite his change, people will always see him as he was 20 years ago. "I think that's unfortunate, however as an adult I have to accept that and hope that at least some of them will look at my life's work since then and understand that a real change is possible."