Floyd Mayweather Says He Has No Interest in Fighting Again

By Staff  |  11/18/2016

Floyd Mayweather

After Floyd Mayweather attended Manny Pacquiao's recent fight, there's been chatter about a potential rematch.

What does Floyd think? Right now, it's a "no".

While speaking to USA Today in New York this week, he said he's comfortable being retired, has plenty of money and has no plans of returning.

"A lot of fighters in the sport of boxing may want to retire, but they have to fight because they have to," Mayweather said. "I don't have to fight.

"I just made $300 million for fighting Pacquiao. I'm OK. Like I said before, I'm happy with my position. Once again, the money don't make me. I make money. I'm well off. I make smart moves and like I said before, I'm happy with where my career has went."

When asked about why he attended Pacquaio's fight against Jessie Vargas earlier this month, which Pac-Man won via decision, Mayweather said he attended "at the last minute" to "do something different" with his daughter.

Despite shutting down a return this week, Floyd did leave the door open, admitting that he says feels differently all the time.

"Different days, I say different things. Different days, I feel different ways," Mayweather said. "Can Floyd Mayweather contradict himself? Absolutely. So that's why I know when I contradict myself, it doesn't mean I'm crazy.

"I'm only human. I'm not perfect. God only made one thing perfect: my boxing record."

Mayweather retired with a 49-0 record, tying the great Rocky Marciano for the all-time record.