PacSun Says More Fear Of God Releases Are Coming

By Staff  |  11/09/2016

Fear Of God x Vans

Despite recent news of bankruptcy, PacSun is still making moves, most notably with exclusives from Fear of God. And apparently, that partnership is continuing.

In a recent interview with NiceKicks, PacSun senior design director Mike Viscusi revealed that further FOG reeleases are coming to PacSun in 2017.

"We can say for sure there's another FOG apparel release March 2017. It’ll be an expanded version of the essentials," said Viscusi. "Pieces will be more in stock, possibly. You won’t see footwear in that collection, but we are doing another FOG shoe later on in 2017. The shoes will be equally impactful, if not bigger! We didn’t make a lot of pairs of the first FOG Vans collection and want to push a little harder for more pairs of future projects. We’re also doing some other music things with FOG coming up in the mix for Spring."

Further details are unclear, but you can read more about PacSun's plans here.