Martin Shkreli Drops Unreleased Wu-Tang Music

By Staff  |  11/09/2016

Wu-Tang Clan

Martin Shkreli delivered a huge gift to Wu-Tang Clan fans late last night, after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

After buying the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan's coveted album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, Pharmaceutical CEO said he would only release the music to the rest of the world if Trump became president.

Well, Trump won last night, and Shkreli kept his word.

So far, he has shared brief snippets of the secretive Wu-Tang project, which he paid $2 million for last fall. He played the music during a live stream, while sharing his shock that Trump actually won.

Word is, Shkreli says he will drop the album, after sorting out the details.

Watch his videos below: