Product Review: Noble Audio Katana

Listening to music is an experience, and when you want to immerse yourself in it, you need the perfect headphones. With that said, a capable option is the Katana from California-based Noble Audio.

The brand was founded and designed by audiologist Dr. John Moulton, with the goal to offer the best in-ear experience. The latest addition to the Noble Audio line-up is the Katana, which we recently were privileged enough to try out. Named after the Katana samurai sword, it’s said to provide a perfect balance of speed, versatility and artistic beauty.

With that said, here’s our thoughts.


Inside the box we found a small waterproof Pelican case that ensures the headphones are protected from anything and everything. The Pelican case can withstand almost any trauma and debris that it might come in contact with while on the go. Inside the case, we found a variety of earbuds, allowing the user to find the perfect fit for your ears. Other accessories included a black velvet soft pouch, two Noble Audio bands, a cleaning tool and an ownership card.


Listening Experience

First off, the noise-cancellation on these bad boys are absolutely top-notch. While listening, it’s almost if you’re in another world, without any outside distraction bleeding through, allowing you to get lost in the music. We tested out a variety of music genres from hip-hop and pop, to acoustic and live musical performances, all of which sounded near perfect through the Katana ear buds. It’s actually quite impressive how well the headphones performed in different situations. The sound was balanced and very consistent, no matter what genre you listen to, especially the live performances on Spotify — it’s as if you are sitting among the crowd of a thousand fans, who are listening along with you.


As for comfort, it’s top notch, once fighting the right ear buds among the ones included. We listened for two hours straight without any discomfort, but any longer, your ears are a tad sore. At least, for us they were. Additionally, the Katana’s are available to be custom-fitted to your own ears, which would likely make for a comfortable fit for long-term use.



– 9 proprietary balanced-armature drivers per side
– Updated Noble universal form factor and geometry featuring refined precision machined aluminum housings
– Sensitive enough for use with smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs
– Hand-assembled and matched
– Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)


While the Noble Audio Katana is arguably one of the best pair of headphones you’d ever experience, it comes at a price. These babies carry a pricetag of  $1,850 a pair. While it may be out of range for some consumers, for those who don’t mind spending the money, these in-ear headphones are definitely worth it. Noble Audio went the extra mile in crafting these and its clear, from the craftsmanship to the sound quality, we were thoroughly impressed.

To shop the entire Noble Audio line, visit their website here… and tell em, sent you.

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