Waka Flocka Says Obama Doesn’t “Count” As First Black President

Waka Flocka
Instagram / Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka made some controversial comments about President Obama this week, saying he doesn’t count as the country’s first black president.

He took to Twitter on Tuesday (Nov. 1), saying he can’t wait to see America’s first “real” black president.

Confused, many of his followers began questioning what he meant, to which Waka asked that they “Just research we can argue later.”

Waka eventually followed up with a lengthy statement, saying he “meant a black president who is accepted by all who just happens to be black”.

Read his full statement below:

  1. LiL Wayne, Soulja Boy, and this weirdo Flacka. These dudes are dumb AF!!!

  2. Obama is a bs president, allowed gay marriage to happen nationwide, trannys are more common now and the mass public shootings have increased under this lame as president, he takes an L and so does everybody else who supports him.

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  3. I wouldn’t watch anything from somebody who has an idiotic opinion like yours.

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