Is Soulja Boy’s $6M Penthouse Really an Airbnb Rental?

By Staff  |  11/02/2016

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy looks like he's having fun, living in big cribs and rocking big chains, but is it real?

The rapper recently bragged about spending $6 million USD on a penthouse condo in Hollywood, but fake checkers find out it's likely an $895-a-night rental on Airbnb.

DJ Akademiks pointed out what appears to be the Airbnb profile, which looks almost identical to the crib Soulja Boy is staying in.

But, before being revealed, Soulja had been flexing hard on social media, while clearing saying he spent $6 million on the condo. "Spent $6 million for the new penthouse in Hollywood. Sh*t crazy... My closet bigger than n*ggas' apartments. I been to a couple of bitch's apartments. My closet bigger than they whole apartment," he says in one clip.

The Airbnb listing (which is no longer available) says the penthouse was used to film several episodes of HBO's series, Entourage.

Despite the discovery, Soulja Boy maintains he bought the penthouse and chalks it up to "hating". He also claims Airbnb listings don't extend beyond a month, while he plans to stay for up to three years.

"N*ggas be hating," he says. "Can’t even get no $6 million crib for no Airbnb. I’ve been in this bitch for about a month. I’m finna be here for another year. I don’t think you can rent no Airbnb for a year straight. C’mon, man. Y’all just stop hating, man. Let me do me."

#souljaboy responds to airbnb claims 🤔🤔🤔. (Part 2)

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Wow niggaz really mad cuz I'm getting money that's crazy 🤔😩😳😳😳😳😳😂😂😂. God blessed me don't be mad at me talk to God and have him help your situation. Don't hate congratulate we all won't to be successful and live the dream right?

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