Meek Mill Opens Up About Drake Beef in Taxstone Podcast

By Staff  |  10/31/2016

Meek Mill

After getting a preview last week, where Meek Mill finally opened up about his beef with Drake, Taxstone delivers the full interview.

During the podcast episode, the pair discusses everything from his newly released DC4 to Meek's ongoing Drake beef.

In the teaser, Tax asked Meek his thoughts on Drake's "Back to Back" diss song. "I ain't think it was no shit that people was gonna be like, 'you got killed.' I thought it was hot," he admits. "Like when we shoot at n*ggas, you gotta shoot a n*gga through the heart. When you wake up in the mirror, you looking in the mirror, you hearing what the n*gga told you, some sh*t about yourself that you can’t even deal with. That's how we battle where we come from."

Now, in the full interview, Meek expands on that thought, explaining why he didn't respond to "Back to Back." "Because I wasn't really, I was on tour at this time when all that sh*t was going on," he explained. "When I record, I don't really record like that. I always move at my time. Even like with Game, I wasn't going to make no diss record about him. Omelly Facetime in the studio with Beans and I just pulled up."

As the chat continued, Meek says his issue with Drake started for Meek after he got out of jail. "We kinda had a relationship. It was like me talking to somebody on the three-way, or just funny sh*t. I ain't seen him since I came home. I was home for a year, you know, me and the Nicki situation. I ain't ran into you yet," he says. "On stage, you like, 'Meek Mill my brother,' but then, you different. I had a show in Philly. He was supposed to come to my show. They said they don't know about it... I had this sh*t set up for four months. The day of, nobody comes through and call me, so I'm just backstage looking like a fraud to everybody I told."

When asked if the two could ever squash the beef, Meek says yes. "Yeah, we don't got no real problem. We don't have no real problem."

Later, Taxstone and Meek talk about his recent beef with the Game. He says, at first, he thought Game was talking about someone else, because the "last time I seen him we was just in the club. It was an immediate issue...You trying to destroy my name."

"I was in L.A," adds Meek. "You could have pulled up and handled it however you wanted... It was premeditated."

As for Sean Kingston, who Game says was at the middle of the beef between him and Meek, the MMG rapper says: "I dont talk to Sean Kingston on the phone nor do I really talk to Sean Kingston."

And, as for Beanie Sigel, Meek says: "I just thought that was-- I don't know what that was... I looked up to Beanie Sigel my whole life."

Listen to the full interview below: