Wheel Pros, one of the leading U.S. aftermarket wheel providers, recently invited us to step into their state-of-the-art headquarters in Buena Park, Calif. Once there, we got a tour of the space and an up-close look into their operations and custom wheel process.

Inside their massive warehouse, Wheel Pros houses its own in-house design team and manufacturing line, where they handle the entire process of making wheels, from concept to completion… all the way to distribution, has been perfected over two decades.

Founded in 1995 with just two distribution centers, Wheel Pros has grown into one of the most recognized names in the industry, today boasting 30 locations around the U.S. alone. In all, Wheel Pros houses 14 brands, including names like KMC, KMC Rockstar, XD Series, American Racing, ATX Series, MotoMetal, Lorenzo, Motegi, MSA off road, Adventus, Asanti, OE Creations, Fairway Alloys and Helo.

In addition to established brands, Wheels Pro offers an extensive line of custom wheels, which has become a big part of their business.

You can get a glimpse of how the process works in the gallery above, and for more, visit their official website here.