KXNG Crooked – Shoot Back (Dear Officer) (Video)

By Staff  |  10/28/2016

With KXNG Crooked prepping a upcoming concept album, titled Good Vs Evil, he delivers the first visual for the album, "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)".

The project imagines a world where "victims of police brutality, government corruption and class discrimination fought back; but not through silent protest -- but through violent protest."

In "Dear Officer (Shoot Back)," Crooked delivers an open letter to crooked cops, while encouraging people to rise up against systems that abuse their power. In the clip, he's gunned down while complying with police orders, who attempt to plant a weapon in his vehicle. However, things don't go his way, as citizens who have documented the encounter and posted their footage online.

Good Vs Evil hits iTunes Nov. 11.