KXNG Crooked Drops Surprise EP For Fans

By Staff  |  10/28/2016

KXNG Crooked

Following the announcement of his upcoming Good Vs Evil project, KXNG Crooked delivers a surprise EP for fans, titled Valley of the KXNGS.

Two weeks before the forthcoming concept album, the Long Beach rapper rolls out this new EP with six new songs. Thank you KXNG Crooked.

If you haven't heard yet, Good Vs Evil will tackle issues of racial and economic injustice, police brutality, failing school systems, and other pertinent issues, via an alternate reality.

"I took all my anger and disappointment in current events and transformed it into art", KXNG Crooked said in a statement. "I designed an alternate reality where politicians are puppets controlled by ‘The Puppet Master’ and police are A.I. robots programmed to kill lower class citizens. Sounds familiar, but in this ‘Planet X’ reality the poor citizens create a movement and ‘Shoot Back.'"

Stream Valley Of The KXNGS below.