Azealia Banks Breaks Down in Tears, As She Details Russell Crowe Incident

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks sat down with Access Hollywood this week to tell her side of the story of the alleged altercation with Russell Crowe earlier this month.

During the interview, the Harlem rapper is overcome with emotion, as she recounts the events that took place.

“Every time something like this happens, I’m always like being blamed for like wanting this kind of attention. Like, who f*cking wants to tell someone they got spat on? That’s humiliating. I’m just really, really humiliated,” Banks said as she broke down crying.

According to Banks, Crowe was drinking and began mocking her career, which is when she fired back. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh my god. How dare you.’ ” From there, things got physical, when she alleges that Crowe physically removed her from the hotel room and spit on her.

As for RZA, who had invited her, Banks claims he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers with his “white, powerful Hollywood men”, and told her: “Don’t say anything.” RZA, however, has recalled a much different story, claiming Banks was completely unprovoked.

Check out the full interview above.

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