Closer Look at Cleveland Cavs 2016 Championship Rings

By Staff  |  10/26/2016

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were finally presented with championship rings on Tuesday night (Oct. 25), during their season opener.

While the players showed off the rings during the ceremony, here's an up close look at the details.

As you can see, the top of the ring features bold lettering that reads "WORLD CHAMPIONS", displayed along the top and bottom bezel in 14K yellow gold, with each letter is framed in diamonds -- a total of 216 diamonds to represent Cleveland's area code. The center is the Cleveland Cavaliers "C" logo, which is comprised of a custom cut dark garnet that wraps around the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy, also made in 14K yellow gold. The "C" is outlined in accenting black, while the background of the top is littered with 100 diamonds, representing the number of Cavaliers playoff victories in the team's history to win a championship.

On the left side of the ring, there's an artistic representation of the Cleveland skyline featuring city landmarks like the Terminal Tower, Quicken Loans Arena and the Detroit-Superior Bridge. Underneath the bridge is the Roman numeral LII (52) to symbolize that Cleveland's 52-year championship drought.

On the right is the player’s name in 14K yellow gold and the winning championship year of 2016, with the "0" replaced with the NBA logo.

Lastly, on the interior side, we see a line of seven gemstones to represent the best-of-seven games in an NBA Finals series. In the order the games were won, three white diamonds depict the Golden State Warriors and four "wine-colored" garnets represent the Cavaliers, symbolizing the first time in NBA history that any team has overcome a 3-1 deficit to become NBA Champions.

Can you the Cavs repeat this season? What do you think?