Leaked “Walking Dead” Alternate Shows Negan Killing Maggie

By Staff  |  10/25/2016

Maggie - The Walking Dead

Woah! The Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was heartbreaking... and has been the talk of the Internet since Sunday.

The loss of Abraham and Glenn at the hands of Negan have made him arguably the most hated villain ever.

If you weren't aware, alternates were actually filmed by AMC to help keep secret safe for nearly a year since they were shot. In this alternate, we see Negan using Lucille (his barbed-wired bat) on Maggie... not Abraham. That would've been even a harder pill to swallow.

The cliffhanger paid off, with viewership for the Season 7 opener getting 17 million viewers, a tie with the show's previous record.

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