Azealia Banks Files Battery Report Against Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks

Following an incident over the weekend, where Azealia Banks was thrown out of Russell Crowe’s hotel room during a party, the rapper has filed a police report.

According to TMZ, Banks went to the Beverly Hills Police Department on Sunday (Oct. 16) and filed a battery report against the actor.

She’s also demanded an apology from Crowe, claiming he instigated the confrontation and even used the n-word toward her. Crowe, however, has refused to say sorry, insisting that he did nothing wrong, nor did he use the n-word.

If you missed the news, Banks was removed from Crowe’s hotel suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday (Oct. 15), after she reportedly became irate, grabbed a glass and attempted to swing it at Crowe and other guests.

She was invited to the party with RZA, who recently signed her to his record label.

Banks claims Crowe choked her and spit on her while booting her from the party.

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