Grant Hill Recalls Tupac Rocking His FILA Shoe for “All Eyez On Me” Shoot

Grant Hill Recalls Tupac Rocking His FILA Shoe

Back in 1996, retired NBA star Grant Hill dropped his second signature shoe with FILA, dubbed the FILA Grant Hill II.

Tupac famously wore the shoe in the booklet to his monumental album, All Eyez On Me, which also dropped that year. Inside the album artwork, Pac sports an all denim outfit, with the FILA shoes in full view, while posed in front of luxury vehicles and palm trees with The Outlawz.

Hill recently recall seeing that photo of Tupac in a recent interview with MLive, revealing that he sent a pair of the Grant Hill II’s to the rapper, after hearing he had been released from prison… after signing with Death Row.

“We actually had a mutual friend and when he got out, just sending love, I sent some (shoes) not even sure if it would happen,” Hill remembers. “Then, when he had them on in his album cover, I thought that was cool. It was just a good time.”

In addition to Pac, Hill also says he sent a pair of Method Man, but the photo of Pac wearing them made a huge impact on the sneaker’s appeal.

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  1. Rest In Peace Tupac Shakur…. 20 Years have come and gone since you passed in Las Vegas.

    We know who is responsible for your murder and that coward was taken out M.O.B. style.
    You still on top homey… WestSide!

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