Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Releases Prison Cookbook

By Staff  |  10/13/2016

Prodigy - Commissary Kitchen

It's been five years since he was released from prison, after serving 3 1/2 years on a gun charge, but Prodigy continues to detail his experience in book format.

His latest book is Commissary Kitchen, a cookbook inspired by his incarceration the rapper penned alongside writer Kathy Iandoli.

"Commissary Kitchen provides a deeper perspective of what it's like to consume meals in prison," describes the publishers. "Meal prep in prison is very limited, so while this work appeals to anyone who has served time or is curious about prison life, it also speaks to those who prepare food with limited access to various cooking luxuries (such as college students in dorms)."

Recipes in the book include dishes like "Prison Surprise", a custom concoction based on Ramen noodles and Doritos combinations that are common amongst prisoners. According to Prodigy, he caught a severe case of food poisoning after eating the dish, which he makes a case for the importance of healthier food. "But if you wanna be stupid enough to try it, I have the recipe for you," he says regarding the recipe previewed via Genius.

P’s Don’t Try This At Home Prison Surprise
• Ramen noodles
• Doritos (you could also substitute with Cheez-Its or sliced cheese)
• Jack Mack (tuna works fine too)
• Hot sauce

Open the can of Jack Mack, and rinse the fish off gently. Take a bowl of water and microwave it for a minute or until it boils. Throw in Ramen noodles and stir it. Grab the chips and crush them up until they’re a fine powder and mix them in with cooked Ramen noodles. It’ll make like a cheese sauce. Throw in the Jack Mack, and then you eat it. Good luck, yo.

A paperback copy of Commissary Kitchen is available now online for $15 USD.