Fear Of God’s Jerry Lorenzo Gives Away Sneakers to Homeless in L.A

Fear Of God's Jerry Lorenzo Gives Away Sneakers to Homeless in L.A

Fresh off the release of his collaboration with Vans, Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo gathered up his staff recently, filled up two trucks with pairs of the sought-after FOG sneakers… and headed to Skid Row in DTLA.

He documented the experience in the clip above, where he’s seen giving out shoes and clothes to the area’s homeless.

“I drive through downtown LA everyday. I pass through people sleeping in tents… people in sleeping bags on the concrete,” Lorenzo says in the video. “The fact that I’m getting hit by all of my rich, cool friends that definitely can afford to buy these that want free shoes… to the kids that stand in line for hours to buy a pair just to flip them, the value of the shoe to me is lost. I’m in a position to do something good and impact some people. That’s what we’re going to do.”

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