Rare Piece of Kanye West Memorabilia Up For Sale

By Staff  |  10/11/2016

Kanye West stirred things up back in 2013 with the music video to his Yeezus single "Black Skinhead" (also stylized as "BLKKK SKKKN HEAD"). Now, if you're a fan, you can own a piece of memorabilia from the video.

A Grailed user has listed two of the silken, conical KKK hoods seen in the video. In the description,they say the items are "great investment for individuals interested in collecting items due to their association with celebrities or simply to sell on down the line." However, details about how they were obtained are unclear.

If you're interested, they are listed for $8,100 USD at Grailed.com.

If you can't remember, you can watch Kanye's "Black Skinhead" video below: