Q&A: Paloma Ford Talks “Nearly Civilized” & Her Inspirations

By Eddy Vega  |  10/07/2016

Paloma Ford

Los Angeles singer Paloma is finally making her debut this week, after guesting on tracks with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill, via an EP titled Nearly Civilized.

She invited us out to a private dinner at Beverly Hills steakhouse, Mastro's, to celebrate its release on Wednesday (Oct. 5)... and get a first listen. We also had the chat to chop it up with her about the project and what we should expect. Read on to find out what she told us...

Nearly Civilized is your debut EP. What can we expect from the release?

Just some vibes. I think that I try and pick the best songs that give what Paloma Ford sounds like and the beginning of my journey.

Paloma Ford

Paloma Ford celebrating her "Nearly Civilized" EP in Beverly Hills / Credit: MMKpr

What were some of your inspirations behind the songs in Nearly Civilized?

Life is my inspiration behind everything. I keep my stories as true and raw as possible.

You were recently featured in PARTYNEXTDOOR's video for "Not Nice". How did that come about?

We met at the studio, both working on our own projects. We had a mutual friend who was helping both of us on our videos and asked if I was interested in doing a video. I normally don’t do videos, but I actually like that song and they showed me the treatment. I couldn’t pass being a badass on an ATV in the desert. (laughs)

In the PARTYNEXTDOOR video, you’re in the desert. The Meek Mill video, you’re in the desert. You’re dropping visuals for "W.E.T.", will you be in the desert for this?

I will not be in the desert, I’ve finally found my way out. (laughs) With the video, I wanted to give another element of me in each video. I wanted to show another side of me, the soft side of Paloma.

Paloma Ford

Paloma Ford celebrating her "Nearly Civilized" EP in Beverly Hills / Credit: MMKpr

Are there any upcoming or hopeful collaborations you’d like to work on?

I've worked with Snoop [Dogg], Meek [Mill] and a lot of rappers. Right now, I’m just focused on my sound and really giving consistent products of myself. If collabs come about in that process, that’s amazing, but I feel like I got taken away working with others, and right now, is GO time for me.

Paloma Ford's debut EP, "Nearly Civilized", is available now on iTunes.